Nov 3, 2011

X Factor Voting

X Factor Voting
It’s finaly here. The X Factor USA Live Shows
For the millions of admirers who adulation the appearance it is time to casting your vote for your admired contestants. Calling the blast numbers on the tv are appealing simple but did you apperceive about all the means you can vote?
Here are the X Factor Voting Rules from their official website
1) PHONE: You can vote via calling a toll-free buzz number. Anniversary act will be assigned their own toll-free number, which will arise on awning afterwards their performance.
2) TEXT: You can vote via Verizon SMS/text voting. Anniversary act will be assigned their own four-digit abbreviate code, which will arise on awning afterwards their performance.
3) ONLINE: Vote online at and chase the instructions there, and if you accept a Facebook annual you can aswell vote at 
4) TWITTER: You can vote by sending a Absolute Bulletin absolute the amount of the act for whom you ambition to vote via Cheep if you chase @TheXFactorUSA. (Note: We don’t charge to chase you back.) Tweets do NOT count. The amount assigned to anniversary act is based on adjustment in the achievement appearance anniversary week, abundant like the toll-free and SMS voting methods. So, if you ambition to vote for act amount 1, forward a Cheep Absolute Bulletin absolute the amount 1 to @TheXFactorUSA. Or, appointment and chase the instructions for how to Absolute Bulletin your Cheep vote(s).
5) MOBILE APP: If you are a Verizon subscriber with an Android device, you can vote via The Xtra Factor App. Download the app now! For Verizon Android tablets, you will charge to log into a Facebook account. For Verizon Android handheld devices, you vote via SMS/text message. Beware: for the Verizon Android handheld accessory voting the abbreviate codes and keywords for the acts will be altered to those apparent on air, but that’s the alone affair different..
A few added things to accumulate in apperception actuality afore you aces up the tellie or get your texting fingers broiled up — voting opens 5 account afore the end of every achievement appearance and is accessible for two hours afterwards the appearance ends in anniversary time zone. Voting is accessible to humans from aural the Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
If you wish to go crazy voting, absolute SMS, SMS in-app, and blast votes are unlimited. But online and Cheep votes are maxed out at 50 votes. Got that? And all of that is brought to you by Verizon.
Wednesday, Nov. 2 is if voting begins and on Thursday, Nov. 3 it will be the aboriginal of the after-effects show, area the furnishings of your ability will be shown!


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