Dec 7, 2011

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl 4184 Review

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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl 4184. Prepare to set sail on a high seas adventure with the Black Pearl, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Set. Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean films, this replica of Captain Jack Sparrow's "nigh uncatchable" ship is crafted from more than 800 LEGO pieces for a highly detailed appearance. Complete with six LEGO mini-figure characters from the films, the Black Pearl set is recommended for LEGO builders ages 8 to 14.

Detailed Design with Fabric Sails
Rechristened the Black Pearl after being raised from the sea floor by Davy Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow's sailing vessel can outrun any ship. Every detail of this infamous galleon is packed into this LEGO model. From the figurehead statue on the bow to the two main canons on the starboard gun deck, to the broad fabric sails atop the masts, the Black Pearl is accurately portrayed.
A moveable anchor, detachable floorboard, and accessible captain's cabin with opening door are just some of the cool nautical details included in this model.
Six Mini-Figures Add to the Fun
For added fun, six LEGO mini-figures are included to help recreate your favorite scenes. With swords, pistol, telescope, and compass accessories in hand, you can pit Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Davy Jones, Joshamee Gibbs, Maccus, and Bootstrap Bill against one another. Put Captain Jack behind the steering wheel while Will and Davy Jones swordfight along the deck.
Black Pearl Offers a Challenging Build
With 804 pieces, this LEGO set is a challenging project to build. However, the two instruction booklets are easy to follow. Much of the construction time consists of building the body of the hull. Once complete, the remaining details are fun to add, such as masts, shrouds, bowsprit, and lanterns.
When completed, this model measures nearly 2 feet long and more than 20 inches high , lending impressive stature. Fans of the films, as well as admirers of ancient ships, will appreciate the attention to detail, and kids will enjoy recreating spectacular battles from the films. As an added bonus, a poster is included that depicts the Black Pearl and its motley crew in action. Note that the completed model does not float.
What's in the Box
Black Pearl LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Set (804 pieces), six mini-figures, instruction booklets, and poster.


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